Toddlers from 24-36 months

Learning through play

Creative play is the perfect platform to help toddlers develop. At the Nursery, all activities are carefully planned and structured within a caring, nurturing environment.

Tailored to the Early Years Foundation Stage, fun, stimulating games and play topics are designed to build the toddler’s self-confidence, develop their language skills and to ensure they enjoy early maths. Regular story-time is also held to teach children how to relax.

Every activity in the Toddler Room is considered a learning opportunity and when toddlers are ready, they will progress to Pre-School.

With brand new facilities, the Toddler Room includes a quiet zone for sleeping/rest, as well as access to a private garden.

A nominated key carer will work closely with your child to mirror your home routine with that of the Nursery, so important milestones such as potty training are smooth and a natural extension to your child’s day.