topsy turvy Day Nursery and Pre-School – Safeguarding Policy

topsy turvy Day Nursery & Preschool wants to work with children, parents and the community to ensure the safety of children.

Our aims are to:
• Create an environment, which encourages children to develop a positive self-image, regardless of race, language, religion, culture or home background.
• Help children to establish and sustain a satisfying relationship with their families, with peers and with other adults.
• Encourage children to have the self-confidence and the vocabulary to resist incorporate approaches.
• Work with parents to build their understanding of and commitment to the welfare of all our children.

Liaison with other bodies:
• We work within the BSCB.
• We have a copy of BSCB documents available for staff and parents to see.
• We have a copy of ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children’ document for Parents and staff to refer to. Which is also accessible online at
• We notify OFSTED of any incident or accident and any changes in our arrangement which affects the wellbeing of children.
• We have procedures for contacting the local authority on child protection issues, including maintaining a list of names, address and telephone numbers of social workers, to ensure that it is easy, in an emergency, for Topsy Turvy Day Nursery & Preschool staff and social services to work well together.
• If a report is to be made to the authorities, we act within the BSCB Guidelines in deciding whether we must inform the child’s parents at the same time.
• Policies and procedures are in line with the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act (SVG)

Staffing & Volunteering:
• Our named person who co-ordinates child protection issues is the Childcare Manager and to liaise with the local authority & OFSTED.
• We provide adequate and appropriate staffing resources to meet the needs of children.
• Applicants for posts within Kids Play are clearly informed of the needs to carry out checks before posts can be confirmed. Where applicants have the right to know and to challenge incorrect information.
• We abide by OFSTED requirements in respect of references and police checks for staff and volunteers, to ensure that no disqualified person or unfit person works for Topsy Turvy Day Nursery & Preschool or has access to the children.
• Volunteers do not work unsupervised.
• We abide by the requirements of the Disclosure and Barring Service in respect of any person who is dismissed from our employment or resigns in circumstances that would otherwise have lead to dismissal for reasons of the protection concern.
• We have procedures for recording the details of visitors to Topsy Turvy Day Nursery & Preschool.
• We take security steps to ensure that we have control over who comes into Topsy Turvy Day Nursery & Preschool so that no unauthorised person has unsupervised access to the children.

Disciplinary Action:
Where a member of staff or volunteer is dismissed from Topsy Turvy Day Nursery and Pre-School or internally disciplined because of misconduct in relation to a child, we would have already notified LADO at the beginning of this process (please see safeguarding procedure) LADO will be able to advise whether the suspected person needs to be referred to Disclosure and Barring Service.

We seek out training opportunities for all adults involved in Topsy Turvy Day Nursery and Pre-School to ensure that they are recognised the signs and the symptoms of possible physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse and neglect and so that they are aware of the local authority guidelines for making referrals. We ensure that all staff know the procedures for reporting their concerns in Topsy Turvy Day Nursery and Pre-School.
• We ensure that all parents know our Complaints Procedure with regards to staff or volunteers, which may include an allegation of abuse.
• We follow the guidelines of the Barnet Safeguarding Children’s Board when investigating and any complaint that a member of staff has abused a child.
• We follow all the disclosure and recording procedures when investigating an allegation of abuse.
• We respond to all suspicion of abuse.
• We acknowledge that abuse of children can take different forms of abuse; this may be demonstrated through changes in their behaviour, or in their play. Where such changes in behaviour occur, or where children’s play gives cause for concern, Kids Play Childcare investigates.